CareStat 2.0 released to help hospitals and ACOs build strong relationships with post-acute providers

SHP is excited to announce the launch of the next version of our CareStat® solution for hospitals and ACOs. CareStat® by SHP connects hospitals/ACOs with home health agencies (and soon SNFs) to provide insights into patients’ outcomes across the care continuum. With this new and improved suite of reports and real-time relevant data, hospitals can impact readmissions, length-of-stay, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction. 

SHP customers use CareStat® to:

  • Achieve a clear understanding of their Home Health Agency (HHA) network’s performance
  • Conduct productive meetings with HHAs in the high-quality network
  • Lower readmission rates
  • Maximize outcomes and decrease costs for value-based programs (BPCI, MSSP, CJI, etc.)
  • Gain insight into patient outcomes across the care continuum

Reach out to us below to see how this powerful program can help keep you informed on the quality performance of providers in your care network, and provide insight into your patient’s outcomes across the care continuum.

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What is included in the new CareStat® reports?

HHA Shared Patients - Quality Overview: Review high-level scores for shared patients with home health agencies in your network. Drill-down links offer an in-depth review of individual patient results.

HHA Shared Patients - Quality Trends: Visualize the progress you’re making with your patients with helpful trend lines found on the new Quality Trends report. Share progress for current and previous periods with key stakeholders.

HHA Shared Patients - Patient Experience: Keep an eye on the feedback from shared patient surveys to ensure you maintain a high satisfaction rating for patients.

HHA Shared Patients - Quality Patient Detail: Individual patient quality metrics facilitate a more granular review of key factors affecting patient outcomes, hospitalizations and more!

HHA Network - Quality Overview: Review aggregate quality performance metrics for all home health agencies in your network.