Tracking NRS Supply Costs: SmartSupply™

Smart Supply

SHP is pleased to have automated interfaces with Medline and McKesson Supply that marries your NRS supply data with your Medicare Final Claim and OASIS clinical data. You can retrieve real-time supply cost information and compare supply best practices.

This automated online program recognizes diagnosis codes and correlates them with medical supply orders from home health agencies across the country and government-reported clinical outcomes data. The result is a system that for the first time allows home health agencies to quickly and easily analyze supply use and costs, track patient outcomes, and compare clinical and financial performance with industry benchmarks.

The newest SHP SmartSupply™ report shows your average and total supply costs with a side-by-side comparison of the average and total NRS payments. This information can be grouped by month, primary diagnosis, clinician, case manager, or team to help you identify the when, where, and who of how supplies are impacting your bottom line. As always, the report allows you to drill down to the patient details.