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Simplify your QAPI and patient satisfaction data collection, and use it to improve your quality of care! SHP’s software interfaces make data collection automated, simple and foolproof. Our real-time reports give you the power to change behavior and improve performance.

SHP has provided powerful, in-depth patient satisfaction reports for clients since 1996.

Hospice Solutions for QAPI, NHPCO and FEHC

Real-time, actionable data keeps you on track to precisely focus your efforts for QAPI and other performance improvement initiatives. This simple, turn-key program is in full compliance with CMS' QAPI Conditions of Participation and is backed by SHP's more than 10 years of hospice benchmarking and patient satisfaction experience.

SHP interfaces make data transfer from your software seamless and secure. SHP's measures set the standard for the industry and are what national advocacy organizations use when they want to make their cases.

Hospice Metric

SHPSolutions for Hospice includes a fully integrated suite of Patient Satisfaction surveys at no additional cost, including the NHPCO and FEHC surveys.

SHP University™ conducts regular education and provides forms and documents that help streamline data processes.

A friendly voice is always a phone call away.

SHP is the only company able to provide valid and tested clinical, operational and satisfaction measures in one package.

SHP gives you the ability to easily meet QAPI requirements and accreditation standards at the same time you improve your business operations:

  •   Monitor and benchmark all facets of the organization per the CoP's in a timely manner
  •   Choose which symptoms to focus on; add more at any time
  •   Track and benchmark patient safety, infection and adverse events
  •   Manage and benchmark patient and caregiver satisfaction
  •   Monitor and benchmark direct costs per visit by discipline
  •   Work with one company to keep it simple; view all your performance reports from one website
  •   Receive updates automatically from SHP’s web based program
  •   Reduce labor costs associated with collecting, analyzing and reporting outcomes; eliminate costly retrospective chart review
  •   Reduce manual data entry with secure interfaces to your software
  •   Differentiate dedication to quality by sharing outcomes with referral sources
  •   Receive education and assistance in a controlled, phased program that won’t overwhelm your staff

We focus on making sure that our reports constantly grow and evolve to meet and anticipate industry changes and trends. Below is the current list of available SHPSolutions for Hospice reports, including two new ones that are in the final stages of beta testing.

  •   Enterprise Executive Advantage™
  •   Key Performance Indicators
  •   Symptom Control Patient Detail™
  •   Potentially Avoidable Events
  •   Patient/Caregiver Satisfaction - Top Box Report
  •   Patient/Caregiver Satisfaction - Percentile Ranking Report
  •   Patient/Caregiver Satisfaction - Comments Review Report

Our specific Hospice need was to measure how effective the team would be at improving pain in 48 hours from start of care. The Key Indicators report tracks information regarding pain management at admission, 24hours and 48hours. This report allowed us to evaluate the current process and, with education, to reinforce "best practices". Every nurse on the team is now consistent in the frequency and reporting of their assessments. The Key Indicator report can be run in real time; I run it once a month as well as quarterly to give the team ongoing feedback.

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Lenore Liebeskind, RN, BSN
Performance Improvement Coordinator
Holy Name Home Care & Hospice

At CNS Home Health & Hospice, Carol Stream, IL – we are very excited about the opportunity to transition the Hospice team into a data driven culture of patient and family care. I explained to the Hospice team, 'This is a journey that will continuously be tweaked with a goal to capture the best data to drive patient and family end-of-life care from visit to visit.' The ESAS tool is an excellent way to assess and measure patient status. Based on scores from the ESAS that are documented at every visit and phone interaction, hospice clinicians can see and track the direct impact of interventions on patient outcomes. From these outcomes, the clinician / family team can evaluate whether to continue with the same interventions or change the interventions. Initially, the ESAS assessment was set up to ask the patient what their symptom issue rating was for the past 24 hours at its worst point. At our agency, we had conversation that the worst rating during the last 24 hours is significant, but it is also extremely important as to where the patient rates his/her symptoms currently, at time of assessment. When staff reviewed the options, it was decided that the updated SHP ESAS data collection tool should include rating scale for, 'Last 24 assessment' and, 'At time of assessment' are essential to evaluate patient status and needs.

Donna Krapf
Quality Manager
CNS Home Health & Hospice

Yippee!!! This is wonderful news. The first step in sweeping Hospice data from our EMR. It is very exciting to witness this transition and be leaders in developing more tools to improve patient care, the quality and efficiency of our practice and ensure we are financially viable. Baby steps forward. Thanks to all who have been working on this project.

Maryanne Mills

Hospices using the SHP for Hospice program will not only meet QAPI requirements, they will actually be able to take better care of their patients. The ability to monitor patient symptoms on an ongoing basis is invaluable as it enables you to identify potential needed changes in practice and make immediate changes in practice in a timely manner.

Pat and Lynda Laff
Laff Associates

I love the new hospice program. I can really see the impact this program could have not only on the quality of patient care, but in marketing development also.

Carol McHale
Regional Hospice Consultant
Heartland/HCR Manorcare


Thank you as always for your time, consideration and offer to evaluate our situation. Yours is an exceptional organization and we at CTVNA feel very strongly that you have one of the finest products on the market.

Sharon Wood

Quality Liaison Supervisor

Connecticut VNA


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