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IntelliLogix PDPM ICD-10 Advisor

PDPM Tools for Success

PDPM is the single most substantial financial change in our industry for the last 20 years. We have a full PDPM suite, with MDS Scrubber integration, diagnosis code correlation and crosswalks.

Everything You Need

Seamlessly integrated into your MDS Scrubber, our PDPM tools give you the insight in each individual scrub to ensure each resident’s MDS is optimized. With the addition of a powerful set of reports, you are able to see trending to effect proper front line initiatives.

  • Integrated data and tips throughout the suite
  • Comprehensive View the full PDPM affect on your facilities
  • Seamless Coding order, integrity and optimization
Performance Data Analytics for SNFs - IntelliLogix

IntelliLogix ICD-10 Advisor™

The ICD-10 Advisor helps you learn more about ICD-10 to PDPM coding in minutes what it would take months to learn in education courses and ensures that appropriate diagnoses are used for a resident stay.

  • Find ICD-10 Codes quickly and easily
  • Browse by Chapter, Clinical Category, SLP and NTA
  • Drill down to specific codes
  • See additional codes, includes and excludes
  • See relevant PDPM information
  • Full featured search and PDPM Clinical Category filter

PDPM Features

  • MDS Scrubber PDPM Scenarios See the impact of PDPM right away in the MDS Scrubber report.
  • See PDPM Rates in Real-Time PDPM diagnosis codes and crosswalks.
  • IntelliLogix ICD-10 Advisor™ With diagnosis code correlation and crosswalks.
  • Seamless Integration See trending to effect proper front line initiatives

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Why IntelliLogix™ for Skilled Nursing?
Real-time view into quality performance & operations Proven ROI with MDS scrubber Easy-to-use tools with visual identification of trouble areas Numerous drilldowns to identify actionable root causes Automatic interface with most EHRs make it easy to compile and analyze data