An Important Message about OASIS Review

By Barbara Rosenblum
September 14, 2012 Home Health

Although it’s a bit self-serving, I want to share a message that was posted on a LinkedIn group about documentation this week. There are some real gems in the message. As reimbursement shrinks and costs inch up, it’s so important to let go of old behaviors and let efficiency reign.

In response to the question about OASIS review and manpower, too many agencies are making mistakes with OASIS review. As a clinical management consultant, I see one of two common mistakes: (1) no review or inadequate review; (2) overkill with manual review and "fixing." The most effective and efficient method to accomplish this most important task is to use data scrubbing software like SHP to identify OASIS inconsistencies and alert the appropriate manager of the errors on a daily basis.

In addition, the agency should make sure that clinical management nurses (managers or supervisors) ensure that all appropriate corrections are made BY THE ADMITTING CLINICIAN! If you consistently correct mistakes, field staff will never learn to quit making mistakes and never take ownership of OASIS completion.

If you have only a nurse (especially a nurse not qualified to review) manually reviewing each OASIS and making corrections for the field clinicians, you are wasting time, money and effort and likely leaving agency money on the table!

-- Lynda Laff RN. BSN. COS-C
Home Health and Hospice Consultant