SHP’s HHRG Worksheet redesigned for PDGM

SHP is pleased to announce the release of our completely redesigned HHRG Worksheet tool. The HHRG Worksheet has long been used by agency financial staff to understand what goes into the creation of a HHRG. Now with PDGM, HHRGs have been completely overhauled. SHP has taken this opportunity to re-engineer the report to accommodate the new payment rules and highlight potential revenue opportunities within the PDGM components.

The new HHRG Worksheet is designed to explore the variety of factors which contribute to the HHRG score for patients. It provides a complete look into the HHRG, Case Mix Weight, and the Total Revenue for the payment period. A host of new case-mix alerts highlight how each PDGM component may contribute to higher potential revenue.

An example of the HHRG Worksheet is shown below, highlighting the the color-coded, expandable sections for each of the PDGM Case-Mix Variable components. You can also easily see what the revenue would be if the SHP Financial Alerts are resolved, and the difference in the final revenue amount.

Where appropriate, the HHRG Worksheet will highlight potential revenue opportunities by PDGM component in red.  For example, in the screenshot below, the Clinical Grouping component of the HHRG on the right side of the header row is highlighted in red. That indicates that a diagnosis-related SHP case-mix alert has fired that has potential revenue associated with it. This allows us to indicate that there is an alternative diagnosis code associated with the period that could potentially yield a higher case weight. In addition, our reports will report on “Pending” periods to show revenue impacts before the period starts.

HHRG Worksheet tool for PDGM

We are convinced that this valuable tool is a must-have for agencies as they work to adapt to new coding requirements and understand their effect on performance under the PDGM payment model.