Which type of home health agency has lower hospital re-admit rates? Hospital based or non-hospital based?

By Barbara Rosenblum
June 11, 2012 Home Health

SHP queried its database from January 1st, 2010, to February 29th, 2012, to study the trend of re-admits within 30 days between hospital-based and non-hospital-based home health agencies.  The results blew my mistaken belief that hospital-based agencies would have a much higher incidence of re-admits. Hospital-based agencies have had lower re-admit rates in general, and tend to lead the industry by a month or more in declining re-admit rates. A good example of this can be seen starting in August 2011. This might be because of better access to patients during the discharge planning process, or might signify a real change in how hospitals are transitioning patients from acute care to home care.  What's your opinion?

Rehospitalization rate within 30 days of DC