Man Cannot Live by OASIS Scrubbing Alone

By Barbara Rosenblum
February 12, 2014 Home Health

I got a call from one of our large, nonprofit, hospital-based agencies last week that warmed my heart – they “get it.” Many of our clients really “get it” as well, and more and more are getting on board. In fact, in the period November 1st, 2013, through January 30th, 2014, we averaged a new client every other business day.

So, what's the it that these clients of ours get? Simply this: OASIS scrubbing is a baseline necessity, but it means nothing when you’re trying to get a seat at the ACO table or become the preferred referral source to a local hospital – OASIS scrubbing alone won't give your agency a competitive advantage!

Yes, the SHP software does a phenomenal job with OASIS scrubbing and documentation management. In fact, much of our popularity in years past has been because of our OASIS scrubbing functionality, but more and more agencies are realizing that OASIS scrubbing is only the beginning, not the end goal.

OASIS scrubbing – especially with OASIS-C1 and ICD-10 nearing – is essential, but documentation alerts fix one thing – DOCUMENTATION – and there’s a limit to how much an agency can improve outcomes from this alone. OASIS edits don’t keep patients from readmitting to the hospital in 30 days. They don’t help you prevent falls or heal wounds. They don’t keep your patients more satisfied with their care.

You won’t win over hospitals unless you can ACTUALLY demonstrate that you are better than others. And when value-based purchasing hits (yes, it’s still coming), payment will be based on performance. Quality pays – literally.

So, remember that really smart agency I mentioned above? They’re serious about keeping patients out of the hospital in that 30-day window. In fact, it’s their No. 1 initiative this year. OASIS edits never came up in the conversation because, of course, contracts aren't awarded based on documentation alerts. This agency realizes that they really have to understand the data in order to change behavior, and once behavior is changed, the outcomes will speak for themselves.

This agency WILL be awarded those contracts.

Keep in mind, times have changed! If you’re not competitive, you’ll wake up one morning to find that your competitor just pulled the rug out from under you. Some of the contracts being awarded are coming from entities outside your community. The unprecedented popularity of data analysis means that the forward-thinking leaders are getting it.

Got it?