SHP Releases New Telehealth Reporting Functionality

SHP clients can now take a deeper dive into their telehealth data to learn how effectively they’re utilizing the technology in their organization. As recently reported in National State of the Industry Report for Home Health and Hospice, the use of telehealth has risen from 17.1% in 2007 to 28.7% in 2013.

With the rise in telehealth adoption, SHP responded with the latest round of telehealth report releases. SHP clients now have even better insights into how well telehealth technologies are reducing visits without compromising quality, lowering hospital readmissions rates, controlling costs, improving clinical outcomes, and leading to a better patient experience.

The new telehealth report filters were added to many of the most popular SHP reports, as well as to our new Visit Utilization report, so clients can compare key clinical and financial metrics of both their monitored and non-monitored patient populations.

SHP reports that contain the telehealth filter now include:

  • Visit Utilization by Diagnosis and HHRG

Provides average visits by discipline for each SHP Diagnosis Category based on primary diagnosis and each HHRG group. Diagnosis sections include average totals for all disciplines (SN, PT, OT, ST, MSW, HHA). HHRG section includes average totals for non-therapy disciplines (SN, MSW, HHA). State and National benchmarks are provided allowing comparison of your scores to all providers. Results are color coded to highlight your deviation from the SHP National Database.

  • Financial Executive Advantage

Provides a high level overview of key financial metrics including: Number of Payment Episodes Started and Completed all broken out by payer type, RAC Metrics, LUPA Metrics, Avg Case Weight RAP vs Final, Visits by Discipline, Therapy Visit Tiers (Visits by Revenue, Case Weight, and Distribution), Service Categories (Visits by Revenue, Case Weight, and Distribution), and 0-5 Therapy (Visits by Revenue, Case Weight, and Distribution). Users with access to multiple sites will see the data broken out for each location with enterprise state scores and state benchmarks.

  • Financial Patient Detail

This interactive report gives you the key financial details for every payment episode, including Therapy Visits, All Visits, HHRG, HIPPS, Case Weight, NRS Payment, Expected Revenue, Potential Revenue, Payment Tier, LUPA/Outlier data and more. All columns of the report can be sorted and the report supports drill-down links from each episode to the SHP HHRG Worksheet. This report enables quick and easy research into patient level financial issues.

  • Rehospitalization

This report looks at your 30-Day Rehospitalization rates with breakdowns by both current and future revenue impact diagnosis groups. The report also includes comparisons of rehospitalizations within 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, and 91+ days. Percentile reference scores and drill-down links to a patient detail report and are also available.

  • Home Health Compare

View your Real-Time Home Health Compare scores now to prepare for what CMS will publish. This report includes risk adjusted outcomes scores and the 60-Day Hospitalization measure with an SHP Predicted score. Also included are actual Home Health Compare reported data, allowing you to see your public scores directly from the report and giving you access to historical HHC data that is no longer publicly available. Scores are percentile ranked and support drill-down to the patient or survey details for each measure.

  • Outcomes Patient Detail

This interactive report lets you see all your outcomes activity by patient with the ability to sort by patient, clinician, outcomes and more.

  • Process Measure Patient Detail

This interactive report lets you see all of your process measure activity by patient with the ability to sort by patient, clinician, measure and more.

For more information on SHP’s Telehealth filters and home health performance improvement software contact SHP