SHP releases OASIS-C2 to OASIS-D Crosswalk Guide

August 14, 2018 Home Health

OASIS-C2 to OASIS-D Crosswalk Guide

With the OASIS-D assessment form going into effect on January 1st, 2019, SHP is pleased to provide home health agencies with a complete side-by-side comparison of the OASIS-C2 and expected OASIS-D assessment forms. Color-coded indicators highlight any M-items that have been added, removed, or changed between the two OASIS versions. This document includes all M-items recorded at start of care (SOC), resumption of care (ROC), follow-up (FU), transfer (TRF), and at discharge (DC).

This easy-to-follow guide is an excellent reference for anyone who works with OASIS Assessments and will improve accuracy, help reduce coding errors, and potentially reduce the number of returned claims. We recommend printing copies for your staff to aid in the transition to OASIS-D and beyond.

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