SHP Releases Real-Time Hospice Quality Reports

SHP has released the first round of reports in our new Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP) reporting suite.

These reports automate what would otherwise take countless hours, with the added power of ranking your scores against the largest benchmark in the industry. This means you can concentrate on patient care while getting the most out of your data, with no additional paperwork.

The reports help you proactively monitor and benchmark the seven new public quality measures that CMS will calculate from the Hospice Item Set (HIS). Though a date has not yet been set for public reporting of these measures on 'Hospice Compare', getting insight into these measures well in advance gives you a key advantage.

1. HQRP Executive Advantage™ helps organizations of all sizes quickly and easily monitor and trend their HQRP scores and rank and benchmark performance against the SHP national database. The information is presented in a high-level dashboard view, with drill-downs to more granular information. Look for the color coding to help you quickly identify problems and successes.

2. HQRP Patient Detail™ is a comprehensive breakdown of the seven quality measures viewed within the context of things like length of stay and case manager name. By putting HQRP data in context with other information, it becomes more actionable and helpful. You gain insights you didn’t have before.

3. Real-Time HQRP Analysis, due out in the next few weeks, is a rollup report that provides a more detailed analysis for each quality measure, including detailed descriptions of how each measure is calculated for educational purposes. Because the average scores for all seven required measures are very high across the industry, just a few patients that do not meet measure requirements can really bring down your percentile ranking. For this reason, it’s essential to monitor your scores early and take advantage of the drill-down capability in the report to identify which patients are not meeting the measures and address these right away through staff education.

These reports are available to SHP for Hospice customers right now and can be accessed by logging in to SHP and going to "Reports --> Hospice--> HQRP.”

Clients can download the Real-Time HQRP Users’ Guide here (SHP login required). For more information, please contact your SHP Customer Manager or contact us at or via phone at (805) 963-9446.

HQRP Drill Down

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