Medicare Basics - Skilled Nursing Webinar

March 16, 2022 12 am Pacific / 1 pm Mountain / 2 pm Central / 3 pm Eastern 90 Minutes

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With turnover of key staff and new hires, understanding Medicare basics is imperative to minimize Part A technical denials. Join us as a special guest industry expert reviews Medicare Part A benefits, key billing issues related to consolidated billing, eligibility requirements and more.


Training Content:

  • Detailed review of Medicare Part A benefits.
  • Review of key billing issues related to consolidated billing.
  • Review eligibility requirements.
  • Managing Spell of Illness.
  • Review what is skilled and not skilled.
  • Review continued stay requirements.
  • Physician Certifications requirements.
  • How to identify and interpret skilled level of care guidelines.
  • Medicare as secondary payer.
  • Documentation requirements for both nursing and rehab.
  • Brief review of notification requirements upon admission, continued stay and exhaustion of benefits.
  • Updates on cut letters and generic notices for both Part A and B.
  • Extensive handouts and quick references are provided.