Wounds, Wounds and More Wounds in Home Health: Getting Ready for ICD-10 Wound Coding

August 26, 2015 11 am Pacific / 12 pm Mountain / 1 pm Central / 2 pm Eastern
Ann Rambusch
Ann RambuschMSN, HCS-D, HCS-O, RN President, Rambusch Home Health Consulting, AHIMA Certified ICD-10 Trainer

Wounds! There’s no escaping them! We manage all sorts of wounds and lesions in home care: cellulitis, abscesses, pressure ulcers, non-pressure LE ulcers (stasis, arterial, diabetic, etc.), wounds due to trauma and burns, and surgical wounds and their complications. Coding these wounds has always been a challenge, but the change to ICD-10 will force us to sharpen our skills in the assignment and sequencing of wound diagnoses and the documentation that supports the codes assigned.

Wounds and skin lesions have a way of turning up in many of our home health patients, and it’s important to code them right. Diagnosis assignment can impact our reimbursement and the risk adjustment of our agency’s outcomes. Getting diagnoses right means the right diagnosis code, the right OASIS response, and the documentation that supports them both.

This webinar will focus on providing the participants with the key steps in assignment of these home health wound diagnoses using the ICD-10-CM classification system and the official guidelines governing wound coding and sequencing. Attendees will be able to apply the ICD-10 guidelines and test their understanding of the assignment of diagnosis codes using short scenarios throughout the webinar.