SHP for Skilled Nursing: Performance platform built for today

December 18, 2019 11 am Pacific / 12 pm Mountain / 1 pm Central / 2 pm Eastern 30 Minutes

Introductory Webinar

Skilled Nursing Facilities today face a number of challenges with value-based payment models, increased accountability and penalties, and resource allocation issues. Especially now, two months into PDPM, your SNF needs the right real-time data available to support your operations.

SHP for Skilled Nursing℠ is a new performance improvement suite built for SNFs in today’s ever-changing environment. SHP has been helping home health agencies and hospices improve quality for decades. Now SNFs can take advantage of our experience and knowledge. We partner with your EHR software to automatically pull data from your ADT and MDS files daily. Our analytics engine and unique algorithms then process the data and give you insightful, easy-to-use reports that help you make informed decisions.

Just a few of the ways SHP can help your SNF:

  • Easily share your quality data with hospitals and payers to demonstrate your value
  • Better identify and manage your residents at high risk of readmission
  • Discover what specific factors affect your readmissions by segmenting your data in multiple ways
  • Pin-point the right amount of therapy to achieve the best functional outcomes for a group of residents
  • Compare performance metrics across facilities, units, shifts, PDPM categories, and more!

The best way to understand how SHP can help your SNF is to see our reports in action. Join us December 18th as we walk you through this powerful new program!

Seliah Sanchez, SHP
Presented by:
Seliah Sanchez
Sales Manager

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SHP for SNF report examples:

SHP for Skilled Nursing reports