HHCAHPS Administration Tools from SHP

Hhcahpsnewsarticle 01 21 2011

Home Health Agencies are encouraged to take an active role in overseeing the administration of the HHCAHPS survey process that the vendor performs on their behalf. Most clients take comfort in a more transparent approach to seeing what happens behind the scenes. Two HHCAHPS administration tools are now at your disposal to make this possible:

Pre-mailing: View the HHCAHPS Sample Review Report by the 11th of every month. Here you have a chance to make a final determination of patients that have questionable eligibility prior to mailing.

Post-mailing: Review the HHCAHPS Survey Sample report for a list of patient names to whom surveys were mailed.

Note: These tools are available to any SHP user that is identified as a “Patient Satisfaction Admin." If you are not able to access these tools, please contact SHP Support to have the access added to your login.