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Tools for successful collaboration with your post-acute care network

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Post-Acute Network Management

Now more than ever health systems and ACOs are seeking to understand the post-acute care delivered to their patients.

Building and successfully managing a high-performing post-acute network requires data that is accurate, timely, and detailed. Hospitals and ACOs need this data in real-time and viewable at the provider & the individual patient level for better care coordination and collaboration, leading to better patient care overall.

CareStat® Can Help Successfully Manage Your Skilled Nursing and Home Health Network by:

  • Providing timely, consistent, objective data across all providers in the network
  • Eliminating manual data collection from numerous providers
  • Focusing on most relevant clinical quality, outcomes, and operational metrics to make decisions
  • Delivering proprietary analytics on overall quality, risk of rehospitalization, and others
  • Enabling filtering by BPCI patients, individual diagnosis, payer for detailed evaluation of performance.

Webinar part 1:

The importance of real-time data in managing your post-acute network

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Webinar part 2:

SHP customer HonorHealth System shares how they manage their HHA network

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CareStat has really shaped our discussions with our home health providers and improved the communication, collaboration, and ultimately, the experience we provide our patients.
—Pamela Foster, LCSW, MBA, ACM-SW,
Vice President, Director – Care Coordination
Why CareStat powered by SHP?
Support data-driven care coordination among providers Access patient data in a convenient, transparent and secure way Focus on fair, accurate and timely review of data from multiple provider partners User the largest proprietary dataset and benchmarks to identify improvements Eliminate manual
data collection of
key metrics