Webinar: National Healthcare at Home Study provides insights to improving HHVBP TPS scores

January 22, 2019 11 am Pacific / 12 pm Mountain / 1 pm Central / 2 pm Eastern

Home Health CY 2023 Final Rule Provides Rate Relief

HHVBP launches January 1, 2023 for all certified HHA’s. In reviewing scores from the CMMI Pilot, OASIS-based scores improved across the five years of the demonstration, where HHCAHPS and Hospitalizations lagged behind. With 65% of the Total Performance Score (TPS) coming from the two Claims-based and five HHCAHP-based measures, what insights can we gather by looking at the Berry Dunn National Healthcare at Home study. 

Join Lindsay Doak, National Study Director at Berry Dunn and Chris Attaya as they share results from the National Study on the correlations to measure scores that will help improve your TPS scores.

Chris Attaya
Chris AttayaMBA, FHFMA,
VP of Product Strategy

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