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OASIS-D1 Risk-Adjustment Changes: What You Need to Know!

Early in 2021, CMS released a number of updates to the risk-models for all Home Health Improvement outcomes. Among the updates made were the removal of M1242 (Pain), M2200 (Therapy Need), M1030 (IV Therapies, and M2030 (Injectable Meds) from all risk models for improvement outcomes. We are happy to report that these updates will be deployed to all applicable SHP reports in late July/early August 2021.

To help you understand the impact of these updates, please join Zeb Clayton and Chris Attaya as they dig into the specific changes that were made to the risk models and how these updates may impact your scores.


Zeb ClaytonSHP Vice President of Client Services
Chris Attaya
Chris AttayaSHP Vice President of Product Strategy

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